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The Bay Area’s New Breed of Real Estate Business

The bay area can be a challenging real estate market. If you don’t have the help of the right realtors, you may struggle to buy or sell a home there. At Carrington, our team of agents specialize in navigating the complexities of this market with a team-based approach.

Our agents have access to a tremendous amount of listings, including foreclosures and distressed properties. We use our combined forces to create solutions for unique buying and selling situations, but we are also great with the traditional residential home buying and selling process. No matter what our clients need, our collaborative approach to real estate helps them achieve their goals.

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

All for One, One for All

At Carrington we have a large group of agents that are motivated to help each other. Our individual agents recognize that when the company succeeds, they have a better chance of achieving personal success. When you choose us for your real estate buying or selling needs, you get the combined resources of our entire office working for you.

Market Leadership

Many realtors in California claim to follow the market, but how many can say that they lead it? Because of the scope of our office coverage and the vast number of unique listings that we have access to, we have the ability to set the tone in many areas of buying and selling real estate in the Bay Area. Work with Carrington and you team up with real estate professionals that set the trends instead of reacting to them.

Legal Expertise

You might not think that real estate agents need to be informed about the law, but there are actually many legal codes and statures that apply to real estate transactions. Our team is up to date on the most important areas of the law pertaining to real estate. From county building codes to local disclosures and state laws, Carrington’s agents know how the legalities of real estate impact their clients.

Carrington Real Estate Agent

What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers

Carrington’s agents spend time with buyers to get better in sync with their needs. Once we know what you want, we have a range of tools to help you find properties that fit your requirements. These include our local contacts as well as national resources and property databases that are only available to Carrington real estate professionals.

For Sellers

We set ourselves apart through our presentation skills. Any realtor can throw together an online ad for your home or stick a sign in your yard, but you need an agent that understands how to differentiate your listing from others. We believe in the power of the open house and often have multiple agents attending these events to put our best foot forward, which gives you a better chance at selling your place.

Our Agents

The average level of experience in the Bay Area office is 11 years. Besides the tremendous amount of history that our agents bring to the table, they also get industry-leading tools and training that allows them to harness these resources properly. Even brand new agents can close deals while they learn, because they have around the clock resources to improve their skills and the guidance of senior members of our team. Everyone at Carrington will band together to serve the best interests of the most important part of our business: you.