Daly City, CA Real Estate

Daly City CA Real Estate

Welcome to Daly City, CA!

As a thriving urban utopia nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Daly City is the ideal location for a homeowner seeking a municipal life, but one that leaves plenty of room for exploration and adventure. Daly City is known for its rich cultural, culinary, and ethnic diversity, and the vibrant colors of its resident’s homes. The city is just a short breadth away from San Francisco, which has earned Daly City the nick-name the “Gateway to the Peninsula.”


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Perfect For: Young, Creative, Outdoorsy Couples

Although Daly City is a densely populated area, nature is right at your fingertips. The rolling, grassy hills surrounding the city are perfect for hiking, jogging, and biking trips. The Thorton Beach State Park offers an incredible first-hand glimpse into the areas natural wild-life, and is a great place to fish as well. Take long, relaxing walks along the beautiful sandy beaches, and go for a leisurely swim in the warm Pacific. For music enthusiasts and art lovers, many classes are offered around the city. The city of San Francisco, which is widely known for its creative prowess and amazing artistic performances, is only 8 miles away.

The Lifestyle: A Balance of Comfort and Freedom

The atmosphere that Daly City embodies is a relaxed and comfortable one. People move to Daly City because they want to live in a beautiful, peaceful place, but still retain access to the excitement of outside world. With the BART train system, you can get to great locations like the Bay Area, San Francisco, and San Mateo with just a short ride, and you will still have your quiet Daly City home to come back to and relax at the end of your long day.

Daly City Real Estate


Daly City, CA’s Real Estate Market

The homes of Daly City are primarily 2-3 story houses and condos. There are very few tall buildings in the city, which makes for an excellent view of the ocean from many locations around the city. Many of the houses incorporate Mexican themed features, such as clay roof tiling and yellow-orange color schemes, while others are vibrantly painted and traditionally built. The prices are relatively affordable, some a little high, but worth it for the view of the surrounding landscape, as well as the proximity to San Francisco.


Average Price for Homes in Daly City, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Daly City:

  • Westlake
  • Broadmoor
  • Serramonte
  • St. Francis
  • Hillside
  • Southern Hills
  • Bayshore
  • Crocker

Daly City Things to Do


You’ll Enjoy: The Palace and The Stables

Daly City offers a wide variety of unique and unusual activities and attractions, some of which you may have never even considered, but you may find incredibly interesting and exhilarating. The most famous attraction is hands down the Cow Palace, a huge arena that hosts a plethora of niche events, including animatronic dinosaur shows, body art expos, circuses, gun shows, dog shows, and rodeos. The Mara Vista Stables is another very accessible source of thrill and scenic gratification, and is perfect for young couples who enjoy nature and romance. The Mara Vista Stables offers horseback riding along the pacific coast, both on the beach and along the grass ridges that are adjacent.


Distinguished Schools in Daly City:


Daly City, CA Utilities

  • Daly City | Water and Wastewater | Website 
  • A.S.F. | Electric | Website
  • Monkeybrains | High Speed Internet | Website


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The Workforce: Opportunities in the Daly City Area

The largest employer in Daly City is the Seton Medical Center, which employs 1,580 people in the Daly City area. There are also many government jobs available, as over 770 people are employed by the City of Daly City, and 584 are employed by the U.S. Postal Service. Another major employer in the area is Cow Palace, which currently has 548 employees, and the Genesys Telecommunications Lab, which currently employs 380 workers. There are plenty of opportunities for work with these and many other companies, and if you don’t mind commuting, there many work opportunities in San Francisco, which is where 51% of Daly City’s labor force works.


Why Live Here: The Character

Daly City truly has a vibrant energy and has so much to offer people who have an open mind and are willing to try new experience. The city is rapidly growing in economic strength, culture, business, and residential life, and maintains the city characteristics that you love, while leaving lots of open space for you to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.