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Situated between San Francisco and San Jose, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, Fremont is the fourth largest city in the Bay Area.  Spread through a fairly large geographic area (originally six cities), Fremont offer the benefits of a quiet family-friendly city, but is home to over 200 thousand diverse residents, bringing numerous benefits of a larger metropolis. Fremont is also a connected city:  BART service running from San Francisco and major interstates connecting it to San Jose. Lower costs, better schools, safer neighborhoods, and local attractions are reasons why this city is seeing major growth.


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Perfect For:  Tech-Masters, Family-Focused, Foodies

  • Budding Families: Fremont is perfect for young couples with growing families that are looking for good schools, affordable housing and a location close to San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley. There are numerous family activities within the city, from hiking at Mission Peak with its awesome views of the Bay Area to the huge man-made lake and park at Lake Elizabeth.
  • Educated Techies / Entrepreneurs: Fremont is ramping up to be a major innovation hub in Silicon Valley. ranked Fremont No. 1 in the country for the number of startups per capita, and Newsweek/Daily Beast voted Fremont one of America’s most inventive cities. More tech businesses are making Fremont their home base, with more highly-educated employees settling in Fremont. Today, nearly half of Fremont’s adults earned a bachelor’s, graduate or professional degree, and one out of every 100 residents holding a patent.
  • Ethnic Food Lovers: Although there are the fair share of fast food chains, the small, family owned ethnic restaurants of Fremont are the diamonds in the rough. The choice of ethnic cuisines would rival any middle-size city in the U.S. with 300 restaurants offering cuisines ranging from Afghan Kabuli Pulao to French crème brûlée.


The Lifestyle: Diverse Ethnicity with a Strong Community

As the fourth-largest city in the Bay Area, Fremont is all about diversity. Fremont residents hail from all types of backgrounds and form a strong community together while retaining their cultures. In any area of Fremont you’ll find a good mix of Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Indian, Afgani, Eastern European, African, European, etc. This brings along great cultural community events, diverse cuisine options, and an awareness of cultures that would be hard to find in other large city suburbs.




Fremont, CA’s Real Estate Market

Situated between San Francisco and San Jose, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, Fremont is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for affordability (compared to its more expensive neighbors). The city continues to grow and attracting new home buyers to the area. Fremont was recently named one of the nation’s best markets for home sellers by Movato Real Estate due to the quick market turnaround of homes, an average of 25 days.  While housing design and architecture can be fairly standard, advantages are found in the nearby San Francisco Bay and the plentiful open space areas to the east. Condos, town homes, and lofts remain popular choices for those who value affordability and walk-ability to shops and restaurants.


Average Price for Homes in Fremont, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Fremont, CA

Centerville District: You’ll find older neighborhoods here with original homes, along with nice community areas, locally-owned shops, and good schools. It is becoming a town center of Fremont, as it includes the HUB, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Dale Hardware Area, and Ohlone Cigar Lounge.

Warm Springs District (South Fremont): This neighborhood is on the Milpitas border and includes the High Tech business district. You’ll find a lot of newer modern homes within great price ranges.

Brookvale/Ardenwood District: The neighborhood is located in North Fremont on the Union City border. A majority of residents are working to middle class area, and most homes were built in the 1970s. The popular neighborhood of Ardenwood is located southwest along the Interstate 880.

Irvington District: As Fremont’s most revitalized area, you’ll be attracted to the cool “5 Corners” area with a great coffee shops, the new Pacific Commons shopping district and “The Block” shopping center. Homes are a mixture of affordable and more expensive, all of which are older with great character.

Niles District:  This popular neighborhood is the only area of Fremont with an old fashioned main street. Homes are walkable to many of the antique shops, cool family owned restaurants, and shopping.


Fremont CA Arts


You’ll Enjoy: Natural Scenery and the Arts

  • Lake Elizabeth: A wonderful scenic area that’s great for families offering a plentiful views of the mountains. On a summer weekend you’ll find people enjoying picnics, rollerblading, jogging, and biking.
  • Mission Peak Regional Preserve: This is THE go-to hiking in the Fremont area.  The famous peak is challenging for the casual hiker, but yields immense rewards and amazing views at the summit.  It’s great for people of all ages.
  • Broadway West Theater CompanyThis local theater offers seventy-eight seats that are all so close to the stage that you can see the smallest expression change on the leading actors.
  • Niles Canyon Railway: Niles Canyon Railway is a historic railroad with public rides on steam and diesel locomotives.  It’s historical significance lies in that it operates along part of the First Transcontinental Railroad built in the 1860’s.


Distinguished Schools in Fremont, CA

Fremont is home to Ohlone College, the high-performing community college that offers traditional degrees, job placement, training and workforce development for the East Bay. Students, working professionals, empty nesters and senior citizens throughout Fremont enjoy many of the programs offered to continuously build new skills.


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San Jose Work


The Workforce: High Tech Hub as Silicon Valley East

Fremont’s largest employers range from Washington Hospital and the school district to leading innovational company Tesla Motors. Other companies such as Seagate Magnetics and Boston Scientific/Target Therapeutics fall in between. The city is well connected to San Jose and San Francisco for employment opportunities, but is growing to hold its own as a new business hub due to a new BART station in 2015. Estimated corporate and job growth is expected to see 20,000 new jobs by 2040.


Why Live Here: Central Location with Lower Costs

Fremont is known throughout the Bay Area for its suburban roots and family-friendly neighborhoods. As the fourth largest city in the area, it is the hub of rapid growth and a thriving local economy, attracting high tech companies and workers. The Fremont area is well connected to anything you would be looking for that can’t be found in the city – you’re one hour to San Francisco, 40 minutes to Berkeley, and half an hour to San Jose. It’s also a beautiful area to live, sandwiched with the bay to the west and California hills to the east.