Morgan Hill, CA Real Estate

By Michael
By Michael

Welcome to Morgan Hill, CA!

Are you looking for tranquility and small-town charm while still having the convenience of being close to the city and work? Morgan Hill is a beautiful town that is an excellent area to live for those who work in Silicon Valley. While it was once known for ranches and farms, today it is a community of tech and business industries and their staff. It is also a great place to get away from the busy nearby cities of San Jose, Gilroy, and other areas. With its community and city parks, it is the ideal place to relax and unwind after a busy day focused on technology and the business world.


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Perfect For: Young Professionals with Kids

With numerous industries, this is a growing city. According to, the population has grown over 17% since 2000. This is an area that is popular with young professionals and working couples with children. Besides offering several great options for employers within the city, it is also located close to other cities that provide numerous employment options. It also happens to be a wonderful place for those thinking about retirement in the next few years. With a fabulous climate, you can enjoy a round of golf at The Club at Morgan Hill or spend the afternoon at Henry W. Coe State Park, which just happens to be the second largest state park in all of California.


By Aaron Fulkerson
By Aaron Fulkerson

The Lifestyle: Laid-back & Fulfilling

Morgan Hill is blessed with a mild climate with dry summers and warm winters. This is conducive to spending time outdoors and that is just what the residents like to do. Since it’s close to the Santa Cruz Mountains, residents enjoy spending time at the Uvas Canyon County Park with its waterfalls and hiking trails. The city also features several city parks to keep families active and outdoors in the nice weather. The Morgan Hill Community Park features a skate park for kids and an off-leash dog park for families to enjoy with their dogs.

On those stormy or rainy days when you don’t want to be outside, the Centennial Recreation Center offers a gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. The city also boasts an aquatic center and outdoor sports center so that residents can live an active lifestyle any time of the year. It’s a wonderful contrast to the days spent sitting at desks or in meetings.



Morgan Hill, CA’s Real Estate Market

Buyers can find detached houses, townhouses, and duplexes. These homes are more spacious than in many other parts of the state and the price often reflects that. However affordable options are easily found in Morgan Hill. Most of the homes in the area have been built in the last 30 to 40 years. New construction means new design styles that appeal to today’s home buyers.


Average Price for Homes in Morgan Hill, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Morgan Hill

  • Monterey Hwy
  • Madrone
  • Diana Ave
  • E Dunne Ave/Murphy Ave
  • Jean Ct/Hill Rd


By Aaron Fulkerson
By Aaron Fulkerson

You’ll Enjoy: Henry Coe State Park & City Events

Even though Morgan Hill is a laid-back community, you’ll never be bored living here. It has the ideal combination of indoor events and outdoor activities to keep you busy all year long. You’ll want to visit Maurizio’s if you enjoy authentic Italian food. You can either ask for reservations or order takeout on busy nights.

The family can plan a backpacking trip to Henry Coe State Park. It makes a great getaway while staying close to home if you are a fan of camping. Breathtaking views make this a favorite for tourists and locals alike. The prime season is during the spring when wildflowers are at their peak, but late September is ideal for fewer crowds.


Distinguished Schools in Morgan Hill, CA

Gavilan College provides Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees with other certificates awarded, too. Some of the more popular programs include nursing, computer science, liberal arts, and child development.


Morgan Hill, CA Utilities


By ChrisDag
By ChrisDag

The Workforce: Growing Technology Fields & Education

While the Morgan Hill Unified School District is a major employer in the city, there are several other industries that have a strong workforce. Comcast and Safeway are two major employers in this area that carry a large staff. While technology companies offer a variety of job opportunities in Morgan Hill, there are also jobs in manufacturing and retail. The largest company in Morgan Hill is Anritsu.

The majority of people drive 30 minutes or less to work every day, leaving them with more time to enjoy being at home and with family.


Why Live Here: Peaceful Living with Quick Access to Silicon Valley

Living in Morgan Hill means you get to enjoy life more. You have the best of everything in this town at the edge of Silicon Valley. With easy access to some of the best employers in the state, you can afford the lifestyle you want. However, the beautiful scenery, peaceful lifestyle, and fun activities in Morgan Hill allow you to unwind from your hectic schedule. If you are looking for a city that is close to your job and other activities but still permits you to get away from it all whenever you need to, Morgan Hill is the place for you.