Mountain View, CA Real Estate

Mountain View CA Real Estate

Welcome to Mountain View, CA!

As the epicenter of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to some of the biggest names of the tech industry. Whether you work for a startup or tech titan, living in Mountain View will put you in the heart of the action. Many tech headquarters are either in Mountain View or a short drive away. Outside of work, you’ll be able to stay well-connected in a town that is built around the tech industry.


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Perfect For: The Aspiring Tech Giant

You may come to Mountain View for work, but you’ll come to love its diverse offering of attractions and recreation. You can’t work all the time, right? Here are a few things to keep you busy when you are away from the office.

  • Weekend travel: Mountain View is just a short drive from destinations like San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Yosemite National Park. In the warmer months, beach lovers can make it to the Pacific Ocean in less than an hour’s drive.
  • Tech tourism: The center of Silicon Valley wouldn’t be complete without a monument to the industry’s storied history. You can find that at the Computer History Museum, which chronicles the evolution of computers with exciting interactive exhibits.
  • Outdoor life: If you like to get off the grid on the weekends, you’re in luck in Mountain View. Named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the city offers numerous options for camping, hiking, off-roading, or any other outdoor pursuit.
  • Free internet: Mountain View was the first city to participate in the Google Fiber program, which means the entire city enjoys ultra-fast wireless internet for free. Just a little perk for living in Google’s backyard.


The Lifestyle: Work Hard, Play Hard

Mountain View is home to those who work for tech giants and start-up junkies who want to be part of the next tech giant. With companies like Google, Symantec, and LinkedIn calling Mountain View home, the city is full of tech employees and business to cater to their needs.

However, even the most dedicated tech titan has to cut loose every now and then. Mountain View offers plenty of options for escaping work and blowing off steam. Shoreline Park is a former landfill that was converted in 1983 into a city park. Today, you can play the park’s 18-hole golf course or go kayaking, parasailing, or windsurfing on the 50-acre lake. You can also grab a bite to eat at the waterfront Shoreline Lake Aquatic Center and Café.

The tech industry comes out to play at Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. Party with coworkers, rub shoulders with leaders in the industry, and network with connections who may land you that next job. Castro Street is lined with a diverse selection of restaurants and bars. Try everything from fresh seafood to barbeque to Moroccan cuisine. After dinner, you can visit one of Mountain View’s numerous brewpubs.


Mountain View Homes


Mountain View, CA’s Real Estate Market

Mountain View offers diverse housing options to meet every need. Whether you’re looking for a small apartment for one person or a large home for a family, you’ll be able to find it in Mountain View. The town has a charming and traditional feel and much of the city’s housing keeps with that style. You won’t find many high-rises here.


Average Price for Homes in Mountain View, CA:

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Featured Neighborhoods in Mountain View, CA

  • Downtown Mountain View is a popular choice because of its older traditional homes, high availability of rentals, and proximity to Castro Street’s dining and entertainment options. This area is full of young singles who work at Google and other nearby tech companies.
  • The streets of Cuesta Park are lined with 1950’s style ranch homes. The neighborhood is popular with young families because of its proximity to downtown, its quiet streets, and its excellent schools.
  • Waverly Park features larger homes that are perfect for growing families. Residents cite the neighborhood’s easy access to highways and abundant walking trails as some of the top benefits of living in the area. The neighborhood is also very social, with a Fourth of July celebration every year.

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You’ll Enjoy: The Culture and the Nightlife

You’ll never be bored in Mountain View. Whether you enjoy the arts or just relaxing with a cold beverage, there’s always something to do in Mountain View.

  1. The arts scene: Mountain View is just a short drive away from San Francisco. However, you don’t have to leave town to experience high culture. Mountain View is home to the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts and TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, two excellent venues for catching a live show.
  2. The festivals: Mountain View knows how to throw a party. Perhaps the biggest festival is the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, which is Silicon Valley’s biggest wine gathering. The event takes place every September on Castro Street.
  3. The craft beer: Mountain View is home to more than a dozen brewpubs, many of which are within walking distance of the main dining area on Castro Street. Visit the legendary Tied House for a beer after dinner. Who knows – you may bump into a tech legend.


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The Workforce: The Birthplace of Silicon Valley

The first tech company in Silicon Valley, Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, was founded in Mountain View in 1956. Since that time, Mountain View has become the epicenter of the tech world. Those seeking employment in the tech industry can choose from the more than 70 companies who call Mountain View home. Some of the largest employers include:

For those who aren’t interested in a corporate environment, Mountain View also has a bustling economy of restaurants, retail, and recreational businesses.


Why Live Here: Work and Fun Can Coexist

Many come to Mountain View for the exciting job opportunities, but stay after they fall in love with the city. Its unique location allows you to visit a major city, take a tour through wine country, go to the beach, or go hiking in the mountains – and that’s all in less than an hour’s drive.

Mountain View also offers numerous benefits within the city limits. Whether you want to go out on the lake or spend an evening on the town, Mountain View can meet your needs. With a booming job market and endless opportunities for recreation, Mountain View really does have it all.