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Welcome to Palo Alto, CA!

As a city brought to life by Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is an educated town that blends its technological orientation with its historic neighborhoods and beautiful parks. An established and celebrated city that’s home to visionaries in technology and computers, Palo Alto offers a prosperous lifestyle to families who want safe neighborhoods and an excellent school district.


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Perfect For: History Buffs, Outdoor Lovers, & Culture

With its close ties to Stanford University, Palo Alto residents keep arts and culture alive, but also appreciate hiking, biking, and unforgettable scenery.

  • Bikes for work & play: Cycling and mountain biking offer residents year-round opportunities for adventure and many residents of Palo Alto choose to use a bike for their work commute. The city encourages residents to use bicycles and provides cycling paths and bike-friendly roads throughout town.
  • Gorgeous greenery: There are beautiful trees and parks everywhere in Palo Alto as well as national and state parks just a short drive away. The striking Pescadero Creek County Park is less than an hour’s drive to the south and the majestic Big Basin Redwoods State Park is just a little further south.
  • Museum mania: When residents aren’t experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors, Palo Alto and the surrounding communities also offer art and culture, like the collections at the Cantor Arts Center or the plays from the Palo Alto Players.


By KyleAndMelissa22
By KyleAndMelissa22

The Lifestyle: Enthusiasm for Learning & Life

Residents of Palo Alto live between the opposing forces of a high tech lifestyle and a community that’s close to nature and a green lifestyle. Residents might take a stroll around Shoreline Lake after a busy week at an office in Silicon Valley or teaching at Stanford.

Palo Alto’s close connection to advanced technology doesn’t get in the way of earth-friendly projects like the Zero Waste initiative by the city or the opportunity to enjoy nature, hiking, and the outdoors.




Palo Alto, CA’s Real Estate Market

Palo Alto features many exclusive neighborhoods and the influence of Silicon Valley has boosted the value of most homes in the city. However, proximity to Stanford University as well as San Francisco doesn’t mean that the neighborhoods aren’t accommodating to families and couples who want the flavor of small-town life.

Much of the real estate in Palo Alto was initially developed in the decades after Leland Stanford created the university that would share his name. Many of the homes and neighborhoods that grew up around Palo Alto and the other communities surrounding Stanford University first saw extensive development after the turn of the century.


Average Price for Homes in Palo Alto, CA:

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Featured Neighborhoods in Palo Alto, CA

  • Midtown: Developed right after World War II, many of the homes built around Midtown Palo Alto first housed post-war families. Several of the homes in Midtown have seen drastic remodeling into brand new homes; however, a substantial amount of the mid-century charm of Midtown remains.
  • Crescent Park: As one of Palo Alto’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Crescent Park residents enjoy a lot of space and streets lined with beautifully large trees. Several properties feature stone walls or hedgerows, and the homes often blend into the mature trees and evergreens that line the streets.
  • Professorville: Originally founded right after Stanford University sprang to life, Professorville’s name comes from the teachers who lived in the area and taught at the university. The homes reflect the gorgeous architecture and varies from Colonial Revival to American Craftsman, as well as Dutch Colonial. The neighborhood is a registered U.S. Historic District.
  • Palo Alto Hills: A perfect neighborhood for anyone who loves the outdoors, Palo Alto Hills is close to many outdoor areas like the local country club and several hiking trails. Featuring large lots set among just a few curved streets, the homes around this area of Palo Alto offer privacy and a quiet respite from the active neighborhoods of Palo Alto, the university, and Silicon Valley.


By Enderminh
By Enderminh

You’ll Enjoy: Warm, Sunny Days & Cool, Crisp Nights

Residents in Palo Alto and the surrounding communities often live lives that are connected to nature and they take full advantage of the beautiful temperate climate. If you’re an avid cyclist, you never need to put your bike away for the “winter” as the weather will accommodate a bike ride every day of the year if you choose.

The established neighborhoods of Palo Alto also offer wonderfully peaceful walks with family or in the evening after work and residents often head outside to enjoy the picture-perfect weather. If you’re a dog owner, you’ll love heading over to the Baylands Nature Preserve for a sunset walk along the huge marshland and tidal area.

Take a look up at the stars if you’re out after dark at Foothills Park. The nights are gorgeous in Palo Alto.


Distinguished Schools in Palo Alto, CA

Elementary, middle, and high schools in Palo Alto ensure a comprehensive education for students that also feature instruction on taking care of the community, such as the school district’s program on green schools and conservation.


Palo Alto, CA Utilities


By Tumbenhaur
By Tumbenhaur

The Workforce: Technology, Research, & Trendsetters

Life wouldn’t be what it is today without the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the companies of Silicon Valley, which offers employment to a substantial portion of Palo Alto’s population. Electric cars from Tesla, iPhones from Apple, and the sprawling Googleplex… the amount of venture capital funds fed into the tech centers around Palo Alto has inspired the biggest and best inventions of this century.

Palo Alto residents also routinely work in traditional areas like education, healthcare, and the local government. Over 10,000 people in Palo Alto head to Stanford University each day for work with an additional 5,800 going to the Stanford University Medical Center for employment.


Why Live Here: Make Friends & Connect with Nature

There’s no doubt that Palo Alto is the envy of California. Tilting your head up to the sun on a peaceful day in Palo Alto feels like heaven, and you can enjoy that little slice of perfection every day of the year. Warm, friendly neighborhoods, an exceptionally intelligent populace, and the clear, beautiful lifestyle of northern California await you in Palo Alto.