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By XAtsukex
By XAtsukex

Welcome to San Jose, CA!

As the county seat of Santa Clara County and one of the primary residential centers for employees of Silicon Valley, the City of San Jose offers a high tech paradise with nearly a million people living within the confines of the city. San Jose’s status as a major metropolitan area ensures exciting opportunities for an urban lifestyle set within a stone’s throw from gorgeous locales like the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, and the City of San Francisco.


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Perfect For: Exploration, Discovery, & Learning

As northern California’s largest city, you could spend every day within the city’s borders and find something new to do. However, the city’s prime location among other delightful pursuits means San Jose offers a truly perfect setting for residents of any temperament or interest.

  • Cultural Pursuits: Theaters, museums, and gardens in San Jose provide residents with the culture and creativity of local performers, artists, and musicians. There’s the internationally renowned California Theatre, the peaceful Heritage Rose Garden, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, just to name a few.
  • Trails Near and Far: The San Jose Trail Network is an incredible 50 miles of maintained trails offering opportunity for biking, hiking, or walking on a variety of surfaces (pavement, dirt, rocks). Residents commonly meet up for hikes in and around the city.
  • Take a Trip Down the 1: One of the most iconic drives in all of America starts less than an hour away from San Jose. A drive along the Pacific Coast Highway starting at Half Moon Bay is a magical experience whether you’ve done it once or a thousand times.


By Ed Schipul
By Ed Schipul

The Lifestyle: High Tech Experts Know How to Live

San Jose’s high tech firms have influenced the development of a lot of premium real estate, and the comfortable pursuits that accompany beautiful and well-to-do neighborhoods are featured all over town. However, traditional pursuits like golfing, shopping, and culture aren’t the only ways that locals have fun.

There’s a daring spirit in San Jose for nature, adventure, and exploration. Perhaps it’s the closeness to the gorgeous national parks in California or the unassuming and traditional activities in town like the San Jose Flea Market, which is touted as the largest of its kind in the world.


San Jose CA Real Estate


San Jose, CA’s Real Estate Market

The different communities within San Jose are almost like little towns within the big city. Many neighborhoods feature small downtown districts that offer opportunities for dining and entertainment within walking distance.

Much of the real estate in San Jose caters to high income residents, influenced by the prosperity of Silicon Valley and its high tech earnings. Residents may choose from neighborhoods in close, urban circumstances or suburban developments with views of local hiking trails and a more relaxed environment.


Average Price for Homes in San Jose, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in San Jose, CA

  • Willow Glen: Residents often remark that Willow Glen doesn’t feel like it’s right next to downtown San Jose. Beautiful Spanish-style bungalows and Victorians line streets of homes built in the early 20th century. Residents love the charming “main street” character of Lincoln Ave.
  • Downtown San Jose: Dubbed “Silicon Valley’s City Center,” the downtown area of San Jose features several new condo and loft developments. These residents offer urbanites the perfect downtown lifestyle as well as residences for local workers in the tech industry.
  • Silver Creek: Set in the hillsides in the southeast quadrant of the city, Silver Creek offers beautiful new construction in the trendy Tuscan-style architecture that’s become so popular in California in the last decade. Nearby Evergreen to the northeast is another similar residential area to consider.
  • Blossom Valley: This community sits around 10 miles south of San Jose’s city center and experienced some significant expansion in the last decade. It’s considered one of the most affordable areas of San Jose, so it’s something to consider for former loft-dwellers or urbanites who wish to start a family and move into a single-family home.


By Kyle Flood
By Kyle Flood

You’ll Enjoy: Where Fun & Business Opportunities Meet

For residents committed to growing a business or success in such endeavors, one of the truly unique features of San Jose is its Enterprise Zone. For businesses that set up in a designated area of Downtown San Jose, the city offers tax breaks, deductions, and credits. This 12-square-mile area offers an amazing opportunity for new business.

Of course, every day in San Jose isn’t a working day, and there’s plenty of time to enjoy a life of leisure. Perhaps you’re up for the adventure of skydiving, or maybe you’d like to relax and take in a round of golf at the stunning and beautiful San Jose Country Club. Whatever your interests… you can find it in San Jose.


Distinguished Schools in San Jose, CA

The proximity of San Jose to major tech centers like Silicon Valley ensures the school system in the region offers students the chance to enroll in challenging programs. Schools in San Jose also receive high marks on national “best of” lists. Mission San Jose High School was ranked 79th in the entire nation by “U.S. News & World Report.”


San Jose, CA Utilities


By Coolcaesar
By Coolcaesar

The Workforce: Advanced High Tech Meets Traditional Jobs

With over 60 years of development in nearby Silicon Valley, a major portion of San Jose’s workforce heads to jobs in the high tech industry. Major employers for residents of the city include Cisco Systems, which employs over 13,000 people from San Jose, as well as eBay, which employs around 4,700 people from the city. Other major tech employers include Hitachi, Adobe Systems, and IBM.

Traditional jobs in sectors like healthcare, education, and the county and city governments also employ thousands of residents. The largest employer for residents is the County of Santa Clara with almost 15,000 workers. Around 5,600 people work for the City of San Jose and the San Jose Unified School District counts about 2,330 employees from the area.


Why Live Here: Northern California’s Best City

There are those who might argue about which city is the “best” in northern California, but a debate team would certainly have evidence on their side if they chose San Jose. A plethora of new developments and gorgeous communities dot the landscape, inviting professionals, families, and upwardly mobile couples to take advantage of the beautifully sunny weather and the chance for growth, prosperity, and happiness.