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By Lisa Padilla
By Lisa Padilla

Welcome to San Mateo, CA!

San Mateo – the Bay Area hotspot for family living – has a warm, vibrant magnetism that appeals to community-driven enthusiasts. This city, which encompasses 26 neighborhoods of varying character, continues to hone its joint goals of relaxed living and business enterprise. Homes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries peacefully co-exist with modern architecture and contemporary tastes. Looking for a place where you can expertly stoke the professional fire and afterward spend down time with family, fellow cyclists or eclectic music lovers? San Mateo will not disappoint!


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Perfect for: Forward-focused Families

San Mateo’s neighborhoods thrive on community support and thoughtful activities. Families of all ages feel equally at home. You love your high-tech job, but you also worry about it causing stress on your home life. Think you’re alone? Think again! San Mateo is home to thousands of professional families who live, understand, and appreciate the friendly yet functional atmosphere. This welcoming Peninsula city offers endless possibilities for attaining a high-quality life:

  • Central Park: With a prime downtown location, Central Park is nothing short of peace in the city. Take a stroll down the trails during lunch hour, or bring the kids for a day of playground antics. Hungry tummies find great food just around the corner. Located at 50 East 5th Avenue, Central Park is always family-sized fun.
  • Bowling for Business: In classic San Mateo style, Bowling for Business provides a way to combine work and play. Held annually each May at Bel Mateo Bowl, this event, sponsored by the San Mateo Chamber of Commerce, brings out the spirit of business building success.
  • Coyote Point Recreation Area: Appreciate the beauty of nature appreciation at this 670 acre coastal preserve. Engage with fellow San Mateo boat enthusiasts, birders, active joggers and swimmers at the park, or simply come for the bay breeze.
  • Peace, Love & Green fest: Being green has never been easier! Wander down to Bay Meadows Park with your family for a taste of the green life. Peninsula society is proud to incorporate eco-friendly vibes within their booming business culture.


By Schmiteye
By Schmiteye

The Lifestyle: Work and Play, Then Repeat!

If two words could describe the San Mateo lifestyle, those words would be “enthusiastic” and “driven.” San Mateo is the ultimate place for high-quality living. Local residents thrive on perfecting their zest for life.

Immerse yourself in the local culture, and you will soon discover why people walk around with that Bay Area glow. Although fog often rolls in during the evening hours, rejuvenating sunshine during the day bathes the area in warmth. Thanks to the rain shadow of the Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo experiences a mild Mediterranean climate.



San Mateo, CA’s Real Estate Market

Homes in San Mateo commonly feature single to multi-story levels. Many residences are distinctly Californian. Come discover for yourself what California living is all about! Houses, townhouses and condos are in broad distribution throughout the city, although rentals are available as well.

Homes located in the western half of the city are more spacious, and also feature more land, than homes in the east. Whether interested in quaint living or generous surroundings, San Mateo is a city of affordable luxury.

As a consistently evolving city, a tour of San Mateo reveals homes in Colonial, Arts and Crafts, Spanish, Ranch and sleek Modernist styles. As new residents move to the area and renovate homes, they incorporate modern with historic for a harmonious mix.


Average Price for Homes in San Mateo, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in San Mateo:

  • San Mateo Park
  • Western Hills
  • Hillsdale
  • Shoreview
  • Sugarloaf
  • Hayward Park
  • Fiesta Gardens


By Daderot
By Daderot

You’ll Enjoy: Cultured Family Living

San Mateo holds great appeal to families of all ages. Not only is the city center safe and vibrant, but it also scores high on walkability. Not interested in driving a car every day? Not a problem! Designated bike lanes allow for easy passage from home to work. San Mateo also boasts Caltrain service that connects you downtown and around the Peninsula.

For a fun outing, take your family to one of the many annual festivals. Summerfest, Bacon and Brew, and Create, Mix and Mingle are great family-friendly events worth exploring.

Follow the line at lunch time to find a tasty treat! Local restaurants such as Nini’s Coffee Shop, Pancho Villa Taqueria, The Fish Market, Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria and Hotaru Japanese Restaurant are well-known for delicious meals.


Distinguished Schools in San Mateo


San Mateo, CA Utilities


By Csmwebmaster
By Csmwebmaster

The Workforce: A Modern Lifestyle

With a close connection to Silicon Valley, San Mateo is no stranger to modern technology. Within the city limits, up and coming technological companies include Backblaze, Marketo Inc., SugarSync Inc. and Inc. Financial careers are a significant part of the San Mateo workforce. If you love investing, consider Franklin Templeton Investments as your ideal employer. In the Health sector, the San Mateo Medical Center employs many local residents as nurses, doctors, administrative assistants and technicians. Educated professionals also find satisfying employment with local school districts and the College of San Mateo.


Why Live Here: City Views and Family News

San Mateo gives you quality luxury living at affordable prices. Family-friendly neighborhoods are safe and sustainable, and the workforce is gaining technological ground. Take part in eco-inspired living, and relax in the beauty of your local surroundings.