South San Francisco, CA Real Estate

By Tim Adams

Welcome to South San Francisco, CA!

South San Francisco is the perfect place for both families and career minded singles. With perfect weather that consists of mild winters and cooler summers, spending time outdoors is never a problem. Jobs are plentiful with the San Francisco International Airport and biotech industry, providing the city with a thriving economy. South San Francisco gives you the chance to live close to one of the best cities in the world whilst still letting you enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.


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Perfect For: Families, Young Singles and Frequent Flyers

Due to its location, South San Francisco makes a perfect place to live for those who travel a lot. The San Francisco International Airport and BART stations provide easy access to a plethora of destinations.

Families also enjoy living in South San Francisco. This is thanks to the parks, green spaces, marina, and the many work opportunities that are available in the local area.  Easy access to the city also means that families can enjoy working or playing in the city while still living in a more residential environment.

The proximity to the city along with travel opportunities makes this a great place for young singles. Recreational trails, great restaurants, and easy access to travel provides residents with many opportunities to get out and enjoy life.


By Pedro Xing
By Pedro Xing

The Lifestyle: City Living Without the Crowds

The area that incorporates South San Francisco lies 10 miles outside of the City of San Francisco, yet provides a more laid back lifestyle. With plenty of parks, swimming pools, and a golf course, there is plenty to do outside.

Residents can also take advantage of the Seramonte area, which has become somewhat of a shopping mecca, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a full retail experience without having to go into the city.



South San Francisco, CA’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market in South San Francisco has picked up in the past year, as have most real estate markets in the country. Home prices range greatly depending on which neighborhood you are buying in, and how many square feet you are purchasing. While a large percentage of the homes in South San Francisco are at least 40 years old, there are new neighborhoods going up. Housing options range from communities of condominiums to older mansions. Many people choose to buy in South San Francisco due to house prices being lower than other areas in San Francisco City.


Average Price for Homes in South San Francisco, CA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in South San Francisco, CA

Pointe Pacific – A gated community which sits on top of San Bruno Mountain offers condominiums with some of the best views in San Francisco. The neighborhood includes a clubhouse which holds exercise equipment, social rooms, and a jacuzzi. Varying floor plans offer Condos that range from 1158 square feet to 1630 square feet.

Seramonte – Seramonte is a town with a neighborhood to the south of the town center that is filled with older homes at affordable prices. Most of these homes were built in the 1970’s and offer sturdy housing structures at lower prices than other areas. The neighborhoods are filled with mostly families as good schools and easy commuting surround the area.

Paradise Valley – Paradise Valley lies between Sign Hill and the San Bruno Mountains and offers a wide ranging school district. Houses range from high rise condominiums with sweeping views to million dollar luxury homes.


By l0da_ralta
By l0da_ralta

You’ll Enjoy: The Mild Weather, Access to Beaches and Downtown San Francisco.

Weather: Residents of South San Francisco enjoy mild weather year round. While it is breezy at times, low humidity levels provide temperatures that are neither overly hot or cold. While fog may roll in every now and then this area does not receive the same heavy dense fog that San Francisco City does, this is thanks to the surrounding mountains. This mild weather provides plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great recreational areas.

Beaches: South San Francisco neighborhoods offer quick access to many of San Francisco’s best beaches. Montara Beach is one of these beaches, even though it is a little further than other beaches in the area, its beautiful bluffs and crashing waves make it the perfect beach to just wander along and watch the sunset. Other beaches located in the area include, Pacifica State Beach, Baker Beach, and Thornton State Beach.

Downtown San Francisco: The beautiful and popular city of San Francisco is located an easy 10 mile drive from most South San Francisco neighborhoods. If you would rather not drive you can easily access the city and its surrounding area from the BART station. Downtown San Francisco offers many different experiences including restaurants, Fishermans Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, and many other adventures for families and singles.


Distinguished Schools in South Francisco, CA


South San Francisco, CA Utilities


By SuperJumbo
By SuperJumbo

The Workforce: Once Industrial, Now High Tech

South San Francisco was once known as the Industrial City, this was due to the industrial boom it experienced in the late 1800’s. Times have changed since then and South San Francisco is now home to many large biotech companies, including Genentech, Amgen and Exelixis.

Due to the proximity of the airport, the travel industry also makes up a large area of the South San Francisco workforce.


Why Live Here: What Makes South Francisco, CA a Great Place to Live

South San Francisco, CA offers residents the perfect location. Ten miles from the City of San Francisco and close proximity to San Francisco International Airport gives residents easy access to travel. The mild weather and many outdoor opportunities presented give families the chance to get out and enjoy a wide array of recreational opportunities. With it’s growing Biotech opportunities and affordable housing options, living in South San Francisco presents many opportunities for both singles and families.